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Build your data infrastructure agility to maintain your competitive edge. Easily spin up new clusters and data services to unlock more values from your data. Flexibly expand your infrastructure to the cloud to cope up with the data growth.

Mondrian Platform

Mondrian Platform is a software suite and tools to help enhance enterprise data capability especially on big data and AI.

Building the infrastructure for performing big data and AI can be challenging, especially for non tech companies. With the simple user interface, Mondrian Platform enables companies to build their first big data cluster and AI server environment in some easy steps. Beyond the infrastructure, Mondrian Platform also facilitates the creation and management of ETL data pipelines and ML pipelines.

Simple, Intuitive UI

Use the web-based UI to easily create and manage your big data cluster and AI environments.

Bare Metal Support

Create a new big data cluster directly on the servers at your data center

Container Support

Are you building the infrastructure with microservice approach? Spin up a new container service from our container repository

CLI Support

Wants to work on the server directly? Our CLI tools help you get things done in the classical way

From On-Premise to Cloud

Are you thinking about setting up a big data cluster and AI environment at your existing data center? Do you think infrastructural cost is too expensive to justify a purchase and consider using the public cloud service?

Be it on-premise or on the cloud, Mondrian Platform helps you build and manage your data infrastructure regardless of the deployment environment.

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