Beyond Digital Transformation
We Accelerate AI Transformation

Mondrian AI helps you accelerate your AI transformation beyond digital transformation

with the Yennefer MLOps platform and industry-specific AI support.

AI Platform

Using the latest S/W technology and perspective-driven design, we visualize complex and esoteric data in a form that anyone can easily and quickly understand at a glance.

Data Science

Our expert researchers study and apply deep and machine learning to the real world. Rediscover the meaning and value of your data and support faster decision-making.

Data Consulting

Make your organization more competitive by assetizing and sharing your data. We build distributed big data clusters to integrate and analyze massive amounts of data.

Mondrian AI

Mondrian AI is a team of data engineers, data scientists, and software experts who create intelligent software that efficiently manages data for a variety of industries and government agencies. Through efficient processes, we discover meaning in complex data and effectively analyze and represent it to maximize the value of data.

Our Service

Your business needs a quick transition to a Data Oriented organization now.

Need experts and solutions? Our design, development, and research teams are here to help.

Enterprise SW Development

Enterprise Web Service and System Development
Enterprise Mobile Application Development
Web Dashboard, Solution Development

AI Research Support

AI-related R&D service
Deep learning, machine learning application
Intelligent algorithm development for enterprises

Big Data Analysis

Real-time data processing and big data analytics
IoT, video, streaming, time-series data analysis

Data infrastructure planning and setup

Build big data cluster infrastructure
Hadoop / Spark / Kafka support

Data visualization

Real-time data visualization
WebGL 3D spatial information visualization

IT consulting, expert service

Consulting for transformation to data-oriented organization
Strategic IT planning consulting

Client and Partners


Enterprise AI

Leveraging Mondrian AI’s data and algorithmic R&D platform, ‘Yennefer’, we improve and automate the entire Data Science process to improve business outcomes and get things done.


Industrial AI

Various industries utilize Mondrian AI’s artificial intelligence technology to improve productivity and reduce costs. We use machine learning and deep learning algorithms to support data-driven decision making to improve your business.

Developing industry-specific AI models

Supporting AI research


AI Consulting

Mondrian AI’s IT consultants and data scientists provide data and AI consulting based on your business and requirements, including how to introduce and use AI, how to collect, analyze, and visualize data, and how to establish AI governance and DX strategies.

Collecting and analysing big data

Data visualisation

Contact consulting

Workstation built for Deep Learning

Mondrian AIBox

Save your time from installing complex computing system environment and frameworks.  

Readily use optimized hardware and software suites for your research as soon as you power on the workstation. Easily update the deep learning frameworks to the latest version with one-click update

AI Box was designed and developed by AI and big data researchers based on their needs.

Connect with other researchers who also use AI Box to perform their AI research. Join big data, artificial intelligence, and data visualization experts.

For high-end workstations, after-sales support and maintenance is very important.

We provide free technical support for 3-years after the product purchase. We integrate automated update tool so that you can focus on your research and worry less about updating the software.

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Our Business

In many areas, the core of business is becoming more  data-driven.
No matter what industry you’re in, it’s time for your company to start evolving into an AI service.