Data Visualization

Bring data to life through data visualization. We design powerful intelligent dashboards that are capable of analyzing data from various industries. Monitor your organization's key performance indicator from a single dashboard.

Business Intelligence Dashboard

Mondrian AI enables companies in various sectors, from finance to manufacturing to healthcare, to discover value from their data.

Transforms massive industrial data into a web dashboard

Observe real-time analysis results of the massive data under a single dashboard. Let all the stakeholders be informed on current business situation and discover value insights. We manage the flow of information so you can make quick decisions.

Business Intelligence Dashboard

Machine data is easy and fast

Provides visual tools for exploring and analyzing customized enterprise big data applications.

Collecting large-scale IoT machine data cannot be done using the conventional way. Connect to various data stores, from Hadoop, Spark, or other NoSQL databases and analyze the data at a glance.

City Visualization

Mondrian’s urban data visualization technology enables real-time monitoring of the city’s major environmental indicators on a 3D web browser.

Through the product, vast city data can be displayed on a single dashboard!

With latest technology and user-centric design, complex city data becomes easy to understand at a glance.


City Visualization

Display various data in the smart city through a web-based visualization that is easy to understand even for ordinary citizen. Not only that, complex and real-time urban data can be analyzed through an integrated solution, while enabling citizen to participate in solving urban problems.

Real-time smart city data visualization

Collects various smart city data and provides the citizen with a service that displays the data in an integrated view.

  • City environmental information: local weather, wind, humidity, temperature
  • Building information: energy usage by building and region, carbon emission level
  • Urban air quality: SO7, NO2, O3, CO, PM10, PM25
  • Bus trip route, parking lot and bus stop information
  • Indoor sensors: congestion, indoor air quality, illumination, energy usage

Location-based data visualization and analytics

Easily share location information such as bus, cicycle, social media, and living population through a web interface.