Mondrian AI leverages cloud computing, AI, and big data technologies to create new business models in healthcare.

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Mondrian AI harnesses the cutting edge big data technology to help build health, medical, and biotech services. Based on ‘s expertise in artificial intelligence and big data, Mondrian AI provides optimal solutions for healthcare business partners who are struggling to adopt ICT technologies.

Cost optimization

Reduce costs and time by leveraging common modules when building a big data-based medical/health data center or developing healthcare solutions.


Ensure data integrity by establishing management measures and countermeasures against physical threats, logical threats, and network attacks of medical information.

Easy portability

Container-based technology reduces deployment time to minutes and provides scalability and non-interruptable services that can be applied to various environments.

AI Introduction

Get introduced to the latest healthcare/bio big data analysis methodology and AI modeling.

Why Mondrian AI


As the paradigm of medical services changed from treatment and hospital-oriented to prevention and consumer-oriented, possibility of creating new business through utilization of various digital technologies such as artificial intelligence, internet, wearable and cloud computing has opened.


The healthcare industry’s center of gravity is shifting to medical data and artificial intelligence. In order to capture new opportunities in the face of rapid change, there needs to be an optimal partnership strategy that will deliver the data technology needed for the healthcare business without missing the flow.

Benefits of

We have various scenarios for reducing cost and running effective AI-based analytics and prediction services utilizing the health and medical data. By harnessing the automated infrastructure and container-based technology, Mondrian AI can work together with the healthcare solution providers to develop cost-effective AI solutions such as patient health and medical data management, wellness management, health analytics service, and others.



Personalized Wellness Recommendations


The application collects basic user information such as age, height, and weight, and user’s daily habits. Big data system and AI are used to analyze user data and provide wellness report as well as matching user’s profile with relevant wellness product. It also comes with a web-based management interface that can be used to analyze user data, register wellness product, and add content into the application. Furthermore, an API service is provided to enable integration with third party applications.

Mobile application for health analysis using body composition data


The wearable device collects various health and physical activity-related data such as steps, sleep, heart rate, exercise, and body composition. The data is then fed into an algorithm that determines user’s health status. User is later notified about his/her health status and is provided with personalized lifestyle advice through a chatbot service.

※ CES 2017 Global Launch and Innovation Award winner

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