Yennefer provides a comprehensive set of tools and services with the most essential infrastructure for any enterprise or organization to adopt data-driven AI.


AI development Environment for Multi-user

Yennefer integrates the core infrastructure and diverse tools and services for an enterprise or organization planning the adoption of data-driven artificial intelligence.

Data Catalog

Data Asset Management specialized component, which enables the systematic management and sharing of valuable data of enterprises.


Enable professional data analysis and AI algorithm development and prediction reports to be written through the web.

Share Point

Enable sharing of artificial projects and reports, and easily distribute artificial intelligence.


Provide more efficient artificial platform server infrastructure and user management.

Data Catalog

Yennefer Data Catalog is a data catalog service for systematically organizing and managing data in an enterprise environment. It enables users to quickly discover, screen, categorize, and share data assets, and data sets, as the most basic tool for enterprise-generated data.

data catalog

Systematically protect and manage your organization’s data

Systematic Data Management

By categorizing structured and unstructured data and a variety of information assets, users can easily leverage their data assets.

Specialized Data Search

Quickly search for and discover reliable data from Yennefer and colleagues in your organization.

Agency Data Interlocking

Link and collect vast amounts of big data from external data sources to build own strong information base.

Preparation for Data Analysis

Understand data quality and genealogy through data profile visualizations, built-in charts, and statistics.

Data-driven Operations and Sharing

Prevent misuse of sensitive organizational data, accurately share and proactively manage assets.

Yennefer Studio


You can create powerful data-based business strategy using Artificial Intelligence. You can forecast, optimize and extend data by using artificial intelligence with efficient Enterprise AI Platform.

Easy Web-based high-performance data analysis

for Team Research

Companies no longer need complex configurations and installations for artificial intelligence.
Yennefer Studio is fully integrated with JupyterLab, enabling the development, execution, and sharing of artificial intelligence algorithms through web browsers,
so that collaborative team projects with colleagues are possible.

Sharing multiuser’s data and research results

Elastic AI

Elastic AI Infrastructure

Applying to a variety of infrastructure environments


Web-based Integrated Development Environment

Share reports with artificial intelligence projects and distribute artificial intelligence services

for Data Scientist

Only one click is required to get an analysis environment for data analysis is provided via a web browser in seconds.
It provides expert tools for free data analysis and data-based forecasting through a library of statistics and visualizations.

Easy Artificial Intelligence Infrastructure

Quickly and easily configure an

artificial intelligence infrastructure for data analysis.

Deploy across all infrastructures

Configuration through a variety of infrastructures,

including cloud and workstation environment

Improve interoperability

Improve work efficiency through research collaboration

among team members


Increase value by sharing data analysis and forecasting reports and core artificial intelligence projects within your organization. Deploy intelligent applications easily with a scalable, deployable interface to your artificial intelligence model.


AI Operation

Yennefer SharePoint visualizes projects to share data, codes, and developing environments. It’s open to all authorized individuals in a reproducible manner, giving them transparency into analysis and algorithms. It helps improve data access, collaboration, and trust with teams, departments, and partners.

Share AI Projects and Reports

Share and systematically manage research results across the enterprise with a higher efficiency

One-click Deployment and execution

Deploy projects in minutes and run in the same environment, eliminating the complexity of managing your environment.

Model Management

Manage the code and data required to construct the core asset, model across the enterprise.

AI service operation

Improve model utilization through end-to-end connectivity from development to production environment.


Sharing AI project units to increase AI effectiveness within the organization

Utilize data to create, educate, and distribute self-learning models.
Quickly develop intelligent applications using structured templates.


To utilize artificial intelligence, we use Elastic AI Infrastructure technology to configure private clusters and provide flexible and optimized resource utilization based on usage. We also provide Web GUI management tools that allow administrators in your organization to easily monitor and manage users and resources at once.

Admin main

AI Infrastructure for Professional

Artificial intelligence library that does not require the installation or configuration of additional programs.

Immediately provide an expert development environment (IDE) with a framework.

Yennefer Admin for Management

We provide GUI management tools which allow users to monitor, systematically manage and
support research resource utilization in order to efficiently utilize limited company resources.

Provides an integrated artificial intelligence development environment

Provides an integrated AI development environment for deploying AI learning models within the enterprise environment (AI-PaaS)

Optimized management tools for AI platform

Optimized management tools for AI platform for data scientists, application developers, and professionals to collaborate and use easily

On-Prem Environment / Flexible AI Infrastructure Configuration

Configure a flexible AI infrastructure in an On-Prem environment or Cloud with Bare-metal, Virtual Machine, etc


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