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We help you develop a data solution for your business by harnessing our expertise in data analytics, AI, visualization, and our experience in using open-source technologies to build cost-effective solutions.

Be With Mondrian AI

Transform to a data-driven organization with Mondrian AI. We provide industrial mobile application and web-based dashboard for organizations and business with extensive data utilization.


Various visual components such as histogram, heat map, graph to terrain map are provided to help you better understand your data.


Accelerate decision making by quickly extracting the massive amount of data and delivering information and insight needed by the stakeholders.

Integration and Extension

Streamline various data sources and processes, and work with existing systems to provide optimal integration and scalability.

Cost optimization

Achieve the optimal performance with low-cost investments through a variety of open source technologies and active community support.


Dashboards for administrators and decision makers with single view of key data

It works with various data sources to create an organized dashboard that provided important information within the company at a glance. Layouts can be organized in a form that fits to your business and purpose. Establish a data-driven business process by sharing critical metrics with team members in real time.

  • Core technology stack: React, React Native, Electron, Node JS

Enterprise dashboard for large-scale machine data management

Build and configure the open source industrial dashboard if you need to monitor and visualize massive amount of machine data such as device, system, and server logs. Connect with various data sources to query desired information and receive notifications of important events. Streamline your organization and reduce costs by making it easier to explore and share information.

  • Core technology stack: Hadoop, Prometheus, Grafana, InfluxDB

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