Data Science

Refine and analyze your data to find out what it means and how to use it. Expert researchers study deep leaerning / machine learning and apply it to real-world use cases. Rediscover the value and meaning of data for quick decision-making.

Data Science

Mondrian AI enables companies in finance, manufacturing and healthcare to discover value from their data.

Artificial intelligence

It is a machine learning engine that mimics human intelligence in making decision and solving problems on its own.

Machine learning

The ML model uses large amounts of data to discover patterns in real-world problems. There are broad range of models, from linear regression to multi-layer neural networks.

Data Science

Various technologies for data processing, analysis, and visualization can employ machine learning in the analysis stage.

Deep learning

Subset of complex machine learning models: Recurrent Neural Network (RNN), Convolutional Neural Network (CNN).

Data Science Process

Use of computing technologies, distributed computing, data mining, deep learning / machine learning and data analysis technique and algorithms to develop models and further creating data products and services.

Mondrian AI. AI Consulting

We provides tailored AI consulting, from defining business requirements to user training and maintenance of AI-enabled systems.


Design and Setup

Capitalize your data to unleash diverse business opportunities.


Transform your business with artificial intelligence.


Bring new values to your business through technologies.

Tech strategy

We help bring new value to your business through advanced technology.