Mondrian AI helps city stakeholders interlink transportation, energy, environment, and other urban data to build a smarter city.

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All cities are moving towards smart city management system. Mondrian AI provides the platform to help a city transform into a smart city. We also help connect the people and society in a smart city.

Urban data visualization

Control colors, size, layer, and other object properties in a GIS application and present various elements in real time.


object creation

Quickly renders tens of thousands of city data from various sensors to points, paths, addresses, and boundaries to minimize interaction time.



Cross-platform technology such as React Native, Electron is used to enable seamless operation in different environments.


friendly API

Developer-friendly API is provided to enable urban data access and usage in other applications.

Why Mondrian AI


Global trends to collect and analyze various urban data such as energy usage, air environment, noise pollution, light pollution or other data by building or urban areas.


Although various public and private urban data has been generated an accumulated in the city, it is still necessary to link them and incorporate AI to produce meaningful insight. Open-source data technology can be used to build effective solutions at low cost.

Benefits of

A lot cities provide public and private data in the form of data hub for their citizens. Mondrian AI combines its own urban data hub with real-time visualization technology to provide citizens easy and convenient access to information through a web browser.


SNS 도시

Community-based Disaster Management and Recovery System

Based on location technology on 3D map, we provide SNS-type service that allows citizens to quickly communicate disaster information such as fire, theft or other. This includes real-time sharing of crisis situation in each location and safety reporting feature to relevant institution such as police or fire departments.

Visualization of Living Population Data in Seoul

A web-based visualization for people living in Seoul from time to time on a day. Demographic information (age, gender, residence density) was provided by Statistics Department of Seoul Metro Government and then transformed into chart data using big data analysis. The data is divided into neighborhood and district units that makes up the entire area of Seoul. All features can be viewed and operated in real time through the web-based public data portal.

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