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Together we do awesome things.
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Join us to make a better world!

The key to building a great company is having people who share and believe the same values.

We are all creators.
We communicate and we grow together.
We promote team culture.

We are waiting for those who want to step together.

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Our People

“Changes in the world starts with our own change. I hope to be a person who not only grows professionally but also in overall quality of life”

“When we focus on doing what we like, accomplish something, and share the results with people around us, we become more attractive”

“I believe that 80% of the success comes from attitude. I aspire to be positive, prepared, attentive, striving to be a better person.”

“I believe that only those who are faithful to the present can make a better future. “

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A healthy work and life balance

“The company provides an environment to help you become the best professional in your field. People work hard yet the business process is so efficient”

“It is a horizontal and mutually respectful culture. There is no formality but there is manners. There is no rigid structure, but there is responsibility.”

“We think about individual growth and the growth of the organization. We think about how to improve the welfare and jointly act together.”

How We Work

Flexible working system

Flexible time to start the work until 10:00 am and call it a day afterwards.

Snack Time

We offer fresh coffee and healthy snacks every day.

Equipment Support

We provide you with the latest MacBook, monitor and other peripherals as you join the company.

Self-development support

Company support on book purchases and courses for self-development.

Culture Seminar

Company support for attending seminars about books, reading, or other healthy hobbies.

Discussion and Sharing

Weekly discussion and conversation about team projects and company direction.

Agile organization

Quick and rational decision making and flexible working culture.

Zero Distraction Focus Time

Choose one day every month to work at the place you want and any time you want.

Global orientation

Promotes multi-lingual communication between team members that come from diverse nationalities.

Life in Mondrian AI

Mondrian AI brings smiles. People try to laser focus at work so that they can be the expert of the fields. But when there’s something exciting going on, they’ll enjoy on the spur of the moment. We become friends and share memories with our colleagues.

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Are you dreaming a life that acts on the present but also thinks about the future?

Our mantra is a small amount of people with extraordinary talent and imagination can create something to bring a dent to the world.

If you want to create new things everyday and reshape the future to your imagination, you should join us.

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